How To Create Effective Water Can Distribution Management Software for Jar Suppliers

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How To Create Effective Water Can Distribution Management Software for Jar Suppliers

Humans are an integral part of nature, and cannot, therefore, sustain life without water of excellent quality. But the demands for water jar deliveries have become incredibly high, and that is why companies in the water delivery business need to hire the services of a proficient water jar management system application developer to help them create a mobile app that will see to the delivery of water jars around the metropolis and beyond.

The demand for a reputable Mobile App for Water Can Delivery Development Company is also on the rise due to the increase in water usage. Many industrial areas and households are always in need of water cans.

And since water delivery continues to be one of the largest growing markets in the world today, there is a big issue when it comes to keeping track of the deliveries from businesses to homes, inventory, daily delivery schedules, route management, etc.

And the best way to tackle this problem is via the booking of water cans through applications created by a reputable water bottle delivery application developer. Most people love having treated, and germ-free drinking water delivered right to their front door. If you have not already optimized your company with revolutionary water delivery software, you may be phased out of business.

A prestigious Mobile app for water can delivery development company is all you need. The company will help you to create ordering and delivery software that will assist with automated billing and optimization of routes.

You need a mobile app to fulfill orders on location along with other data and tools right at your fingertips. Having access to revolutionary water can distribution management software for jar suppliers will help you to create several different price points while providing consolidated ordering views based on the needs of your beloved customers.

Challenges Businesses Face in Providing Water Bottles Service

Water delivery companies face several challenges when it comes to providing water bottle services. On top of it all, account management can be a very hectic and time-consuming process. Here are some other challenges that water delivery companies face:

Maintaining Deliveries

One of the obstacles that water delivery companies face has to do with maintaining deliveries, especially when there are large numbers of orders that must be fulfilled and delivered on the same day.

Businesses without an optimized process will usually fail to allocate their drivers appropriately and may end up sending a lot of drivers to the same delivery area.

Missed/Late Delivery and Customer Complaints

A lot of factors can contribute to late or missed deliveries. In most cases, missed deliveries occur when the customer is not readily available to accept delivery at home or the address that was supplied when the order was placed is not correct, etc.

Such occurrences are very common in the water delivery business and can cause lots of dissatisfaction which leads to an increase in customer complaints. If you do not hire the services of a water bottle delivery application developer, you may end up losing customers which culminate in loss of revenue.

Delivery Records

Some water delivery businesses may, at times, fail to keep an accurate record of when and where water bottles need to be delivered several times or on a daily basis. Drivers also face the challenge of the number of bottles that must be delivered per day to each customer.

Moreover, failure to keep a delivery record increases the chances of miscalculation of delivered bottles by the customers. And once again, your business may run into several losses that will be detrimental to your revenue and reputation as a whole.

Mismanagement of Time

A lot of time can be wasted as a result of mismanagement in maintaining delivery as well as the assignment of deliveries to each driver. Without revolutionary water can distribution management software in place, your business may not be able to save time.

Water Delivery Software for Growing Your Business

Finding the right mobile app for water can delivery development company for your business is one of the most important things you can do to boost efficiency. Your water delivery software must be a real game-changer in today's highly competitive water delivery business landscape.

Your customers should be drawn to do business with you because they can have everything they need via your mobile app. As a business owner, you already know that first impressions matter most.

A customer that lands on your site must be so impressed that they don't go anywhere else for their water delivery service. And if you impress them with your delivery service, they will remain loyal to you for life and may even refer their friends and colleagues to your business.

The Water Can delivery software should be user-friendly, making it easy for customers and visitors to place their weekly and monthly delivery orders.

The Administrative section is the back-end where you, as the business owner, will control things. The dashboard must be easy-to-read, and the intuitive menus will enable you to edit recurring items and water delivery orders.

You will also be able to set up new customers, issue credits when needed, review payment histories, and make adjustments to delivery schedules.

Another aspect that many water jar distribution companies don't pay too much attention to is the driver software. If you want to get the best of your water delivery driver's performance in your day-to-day business, you need to make their lives as easy as possible.

Your water delivery driver should be able to make order changes. At the same time, on the road, text customers, input invoices, take payments, return deposits, and receive driving directions to the next delivery stop via GPS or SMS.

The driver should also have the information about each customer they need to make deliveries to at their fingertips. When the distance traveled to deliver orders is effectively maximized, your company spends less on gas, saves more money, and significantly reduces delivery times.

Overview of Water Can Distribution Management Software

An excellent mobile app for water can delivery development company should be able to provide customers with easy-to-use and simple mobile app services that will get drinking water delivered right at their doorstep with a few clicks.

Here is an overview of intuitively developed drinking water deliver application:

Customer App Key Features

  • Location-based search (using the search bar and filters)
  • Choose water can brand, size, and quantity
  • Choose a delivery date or schedule a later date
  • Place order daily or monthly
  • Update delivery address
  • Order confirmation SMS/email/notification
  • Get quality drinking water delivered
  • Multiple payment options
  • Leave ratings in-app
  • Support /Help

Delivery Boy/Driver Application

  • List of tasks assigned showcased on the dashboard
  • View full details of the customer
  • Manage request
  • Accept/decline request
  • Navigation to the destination using GPS
  • Notification on important or new updates
  • Order history
  • Support/Help

Administrator Features

  • Statistical dashboard
  • User profile management
  • Water service provider management
  • Ads and premium model management
  • Manage orders
  • Map integration
  • Optimize route
  • Track vehicle location
  • Manage franchise
  • Reports on revenue

Additional Features of the Water Delivery Solution

Order in Single/Bulk Quantity: This feature enables your customer to order water in single or bulk quantities as per their choice.

Heat view: This remarkable feature helps you to gain great customer outreach. Put differently, this feature will help your water delivery company to find and locate customers who are in need of water delivery services in real-time.

You will be able to deliver the service to them in record time, thereby gaining the trust and loyalty of these customers!

Book for Now or Schedule for Later: This feature gives your customers the option of booking for water delivery services for the same day or schedules it for a later date as per their needs and convenience.

Scan Credit Card: This security feature will help your customers to quickly scan their credit cards and make payment for water delivery services seamlessly without the need to add their comprehensive payment details.

How the Water Delivery Software Works

Here's a rundown of how the water bottle delivery application developer solution works:

  • The customer downloads the app from either the App Store or from Google Play Store, depending on the type of device they are using. Then they install the app on their smartphones or tablets.
  • The customer sign ups with a mobile number, that's it.
  • As soon as they provide their location, the customer would get connected to the water delivery stores that are nearest to them.
  • The customer can select the number of water jars they desire, i.e. they can choose single or bulk.
  • Once they complete the selection, the next step is to make payment. They can choose modes such as cash, wallet, or card. Then enter their address to book the delivery for the same day or scheduled for a later date.
  • After they carry out this step, they will receive a notification that states that their request has been sent to the water delivery store. And when they accept, another notification of the same will be sent.
  • The request will now be sent over to the water delivery store that accepts the order. Then the request will be forwarded to the delivery driver who can either accept or reject it based on choice, convenience, or preference.
  • If the delivery driver accepts the request, they will have access to the full details of the water jar delivery that needs to be made. Secondly, the customer will also be notified that the delivery driver is on the way to pick up their order.
  • As soon as the delivery driver reaches the location, picks up the order, and takes a snapshot to confirm the same.
  • When the driver performs this step, the customer is again notified of their delivery
  • The driver gets on the way to deliver the customer's order, having been provided with the customer's name, cell phone number, and residential or industrial address. Both the customer, as well as the delivery driver, will be able to track each other.
  • Once the water delivery driver arrives at the location specified by the customer, they will tap on 'Arrived at Location' to notify both the app as well as the customer of the arrival of their order.
  • The delivery driver proceeds to deliver the water jar to the customer and may receive payment for the same.
  • Since the delivery has been completed, the customer, as well as the delivery driver, can go ahead and give each other a rating and feedback.

Cost of Building Water Can Distribution App

The cost of developing a water bottle delivery application depends significantly on several elements such as the app design, the technology – i.e. iOS, Android or cross-platform/hybrid platform – as well as the mobile app for water can delivery development company you work with, the functionality and features you want to add in your application along with the experience of the water jar management system application developer.

The latest mobile app trends include features such as Push notifications, SMS notification, in-app chat, online delivery tracking, online payout, and so much more.

You need to work with a mobile app for water can delivery development companies that will provide the best distribution management software for your small to medium-sized water delivery business.

The company must always be innovating and looking for ways to significantly improve the efficiency of your water delivery services by further enhancing the distribution management software.

The water bottle delivery software must work on any iOS or Android internet-enabled device. The company must also be continually looking to add new functionalities and features to your home delivery software so that you can modify the inner workings of your business.